Zo goed als nieuwe Robert Haussmann RH-301 easy chair de Sede

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€ 2.450,00

Ontworpen in 1953 door Robert Haussmann voor de Swiss Design association maar vanaf 1999 geproduceerd door de Sede.
In een prachtige conditie, zo goed als nieuw, kleur donkerbruin


@ REPOP APELDOORN €2450,00 per fauteuil 

66 cm breed
41 cm zithoogte
77 cm hoog
53 cm diep
83 cm diep (voorkant onderstel tot achterkant onderstel)

Created in 1954 as a tribute to Mies van der Rohe, Robert Haussmann’s famous chrome-plated flat steel RH-301 armchair reflects the old Bauhaus maxim which states that an item’s form and the materials used should follow its function. In 1958, Haussmann together with a group of Swiss colleagues formed the SWISS DESIGN association, the production and distribution of whose furniture collection were taken over by
de Sede in 1999.

Over de designer:
The first chairs that Robert made were tributes. His diploma piece, the so-called Schnurstuhl (String Chair), referenced the fascinating Egyptian chairs in the Rietberg Museum, with their animal-like legs. In 1953, after the death of their father, Robert and his brother took over his furniture shop in Zürich’s old town. Robert redesigned the store and released his first product: an homage to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich’s Barcelona Chair. At the time, the original was not available in Switzerland, so he redesigned it, but he also analyzed the design and tried to improve it, paying particular attention to dismantlability. Mies van der Rohe’s Weißenhof Chair remains one of our absolute favourites.

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