Louis Poulsen PH5 standaard

Louis Poulsen PH5 design Poul Henningsen

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€ 770,00 (inclusief 19% BTW)


Poul Henningsen


The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. Its design is based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs majority of the light downwards. The fixture emits both downward and lateral light, thus illuminating itself. In the PH 5 Classic, a warmer tone of light is created by the inside red cone and a small blue reflector.


PH 50: Chili red, coconut white, mint blue, olive black or wasabi green, glossy, wet lacquered. PH 5 Classic: White, matt coated. PH 5: White/Pale rose, Dark Grey/Turquoise, Army/Dark Grey, Pale Rose/Green, matt coated.


Shades: Spun aluminium. Anti-glare disc: Blue, red, pale rose, green, dark grey or turquiose, spun aluminium. Struts: Aluminium coloured, purple or bronze coloured, rolled aluminium.


Suspension type: Cable 3x0,75mm². Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 3m.

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